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                     December 16

                Because of a last minute conflict, this date

                was changed to a birthday party for Bruce Nord.

                Bruce chose to honor the Cannon Falls

                Food Shelf commitment and added a

                Scholoarship Fund TBD raising $36.  We 

                hope to catch up with Althoff Hardware

                in 2017

November 22, 2016

Another successful night with Playing For a Cause. Thanks Laura and Cary -

Freeberg Insurance Agency. We blew through our Toys for Tots goal with

a $313 donation








November 5, 2016

Playing For a Cause hosted Gangsters, Flappers and Silent Movie Stars (not so silent) at the Cannon River Winery event on Saturday for a great time. They played cards and dice games for the cause of their choice - Cannon Falls Education Foundation $171 - Toys for Tots $94 - Salvation Army $62. We'll deal you in next time.


    Family and Friends for Fun


                                                                                                               February 10, 2017

                                                                                                               The Knights of Columbus sponsored a                                                                                                                         group of area youth going on a mission                                                                                                                     trip in June raising $371.  More                                                                                                                                   importantly - new friends, new players                                                                                                                                                                       and lots of fun


January 27, 2017

Cannon Falls Food Shelf was the big winner tonight as

new and some regular minions gathered to  have some

fun.  Leader Pot went to $96 and will hopefu lly be

awarded February 10 


January 13, 2017

If we describe success as 7 new players and $140

in donations, this event was a great success!!!  

Cannon Falls Education Foundation was the

big winner with $131 being added and

Salvation Army $10.  


2016 November 5  we launched a new concept in fund raising at the Cannon   River Winery in Cannon Falls.  During an additional 2 more events we raised  $750 distibuting $313 to Toys for Tots  - Sponsored by Freeberg Insurance Agency.  In 2017 we look forward to raising $10k with everyone's help and generosity.  


 KCs  are sponsoring our next event on Friday, September 29, 6:30 at Brewster's   
Join us for a night of fun and charity playing dealer's choice card and dice game and while helping
Life Choice, Tech Scholarship Fund, or Salvation Army.
Donate any amount  -  but $20  gets a free  drink and 50% off of Friday Fish Fry meal from Brewster's.
100% of donations collected will be sent to the cause you choose from below list.
Join us,  Brewster's is ALL IN, and be a GAME CHANGER!!


  • Facebook - Black Circle

Dog did not acutally play cards on Jan 13

No dog was harmed while taking this picture

                                                                                                               February 24, 2017

Althoff Hardware called people to the table on behalf of the Cannon Falls Food Shelf helping exceed our $300 goal.  We were happy to present Sue with a $319 check - Families helping Families                                                                 

                      March 17, 2017

The youth going on a Mission Trip found their pot of gold with help from leprechauns  and previously from the local KC group raising $797.  Thanks for all of the support 




             April 6,  2017

The Animal Health Center sponsored our event on behalf of

the  Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley.  Dr Pedersen really stepped up and gave all players a coupon for 5% off of vet service for the month of April   













             May 5,  2017

We Enjoyed our game version of the Kentucky Derby and we launched a Mystery Cause collecting money for future causes

             May 12,  2017

Andy Sanstrom from Sandstrom Auto and Truck Repair sponsored Life Choice for a night of fun. Being a good sport and doing the Pie Face Challenge helped Dee win the most points and trigger a Leader Board win.

1.  Life Choice

2.  Tech Scholarship Fund

3.  Salvation Army 2017

1.Pet Adoption

2.CF Education Found

3. ??????






















             September 15,  2017

A few people from the Cannon Falls area gathered in the spirit of fun to raise money for survivors of Hurricane Harvey with local ties.  The need remains great.  Shane Reeves was in the Cannon Falls class of 2004 with many relatives still in the area and Jason Smith was in the Cannon Falls class of 1988.  To the left is a direct link to their you caring pages with their stories.

Craig and Josh had fun

playing for family members. . . 

really . . . just ask them

1.  Shane&Jen Reeves Hurricane Relief

2.  Jason&Michelle Smith Hurricane Relief

3.  Salvation Army 2017






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