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  • Sponsors,


  • Thank you for joining us in this fundraising concept.  Bruce and I started this fundraising opportunity - Playing for a Cause –  including competitive card and dice games with the help of very few (0) event volunteers and 100% of donations going to causes of players' choice. Hoping this is something you, as a group or an individual in your group, will consider in your/their fundraising efforts.  We value individually chosen causes and trust that our joint efforts will be successful and fun.


  • Steps to SUCCESS:

  • ** Choose a cause near and dear to your heart, one that is locally compelling or one that reflects your business values.  This will ensure the most player participation . . .  leading to success


  • ** Will you Sponsor 20 Seats $5/each or have players contribute cover charge?


  • ** Send an invitation or a save the date message to those you would like to include in the fun.  Add this event to your Facebook account or put it on your business’s events calendar.  Personal invitations, either on social media or by mouth, are the most effective. Get the word out!


  • ** Maybe you have a friendly or not so friendly relationship with a local business you would like to join you on this game night.  It would be great to challenge them to have more players participating.  Remember all players have the opportunity to donate to up to 3 causes per event.  One you choose, and the additional two are chosen by us from our list of active causes.  We would love to make that one you choose, one the person you challenge chooses and one we choose.

     **Get the most out of your donation – commit to $20 in chips for each playing employee and let them              decide the cause to support.  You were going to donate it anyway!

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